What seems significant to you?

Seams Significant is a private consultancy company. It is about taking what seems significant to you and getting it represented and recognised in the way it needs.

Its founder and director, Catherine West, has over fifteen years experience in strategic marketing and development, particularly in the creative industries. West is also an artist-maker with a passion for supporting the development of this sector, and those who work in it.

Among her achievements is the founding of  Significant Seams CIC, a social enterprise that uses the health and social benefits of textile and craft to build community and support the vulnerable. The organisation builds community amongst makers, as well as geographic based community.  Its work is currently focused on a regeneration zone in East London that is amongst the top 5% of deprived wards in England, but has pockets of wealth, and a long heritage in the creative, and particularly the textile industries – linking directly and indirectly to the area’s most famous son, William Morris.

West also was part of a team that established the distinctive creative space, P3, at the University of Westminster, helping imagine a space that could help incubate entrepreneurism in students and facilitate interaction between the creative industries and students.

She has had wide ranging interactions across the arts and education world via her work with both the International Festival of Arts & Ideas New Haven (strongly associated with Yale University) and LIFT, The London International Festival of Theatre. In recent years she has maintained and developed her own artistic and community development practice through her engagements with the E17 Art Trail in East London. She has produced or co-produced a number of exhibitions and participatory events, including SOFT, a textile exhibition, The Softer Side of Regeneration, a participatory community installation, and Kebab-ish, featuring celebrated textile artist Harriet Hammel.

Seams Significant has a number of affiliates with similar credentials in community development and creative industries who also extend the consultancy’s capability to include advanced website development, app creation, and photography services.

The consultancy also directly supports a number of projects and artist- makers in achieving their objectives who in turn may be able to lend specialist services to other clients.

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